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Partner Program Types

We have the best instructors

Hextra Prime offers various partnership types, suitable with the experience, knowledge, needs and the capacity of different individuals or organizations.

Introducer Broker (IB)

Terms and conditions :-

  • Open to all new registered clients for an application

  • Upon our partner manager approval, contact us to know more

  • Suitable for:

    • Forex Strategy Providers
    • Trading Robots (EA) Sellers
    • Traffic Referring Affiliates
    • Education Centers
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Master Introducing Broker (MIB)

Terms and conditions :-

  • Experienced individuals or organizations in managing and promoting the brokerage

  • Upon our partner manager’s approval, contact us to know more

  • Available for partners who already :

    • – Attracted a group of IBs
    • – Has a group of sub-partners
    • – Consistently maintain sales
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Whether they’re beginners or experienced

traders, we’ve got all the resources they

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and much more.

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We have the best instructors

Hextra Prime offers simple and reliable way to make money, whether you are full time trader or a part time trader


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Refer clients

Become our broker introducer and refer our company to your clients.

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Earn commission per qualified client with detailed reports.


Lot Traded Commission per Instrument Group

Lot traded commission based on 1 standard lot order up to $17

Personal Account Manager

Exceptional Customer Support

No Limit On Commission

Easy Withdrawal

Lot Traded Commission

Revenue Share Program


Sub-affiliates: 10%

is a participant of the partner program that used partner’s affiliate link to become one


Referral: Up to $17

is a member of the affiliate program, a new client who started trading in the financial market by use of a partner’s affiliate link.